The FALKIRK ARTS FESTIVAL is open to all artists and makers. This information is for artists and makers who wish to exhibit in their own venue

Cost £100 for registration. The Festival does not take any commissions on artist sales and you are entitled to all proceeds that result from your exhibition. The venues are located in and around Falkirk’s High Street and will form part of our arts trail. Venues are allocated by FALKIRK ARTS FESTIVAL.

You will be responsible for the setting up and dismantling of your own exhibition and the handing back of keys to your venue holder.

Registration payments to be payable to FALKIRK ARTS FESTIVAL to accompany the registration form.

As a registered artist you will have a brochure entry, map allocation as well as the website entry.

Information for the Brochure:

Please make sure you have this information ready before proceeding to register.

Bio: We require a summary of your work/exhibition for the brochure which should be up to 40 words.

Images: 3 images of your recent work, one of which will which will be included in the brochure, and on the website. Please ensure they are submitted during the registration process as follows:

· Format: Jpeg only

· Images must be copyrighted

· Max size: 2 mb per image

· Square format preferred.

Our Terms & Conditions

You will also be requested to agree our Terms and Conditions as part of your registration.

You Can download the Artist Registration form below.