Venue 12

Born in Falkirk in 1980, Sharn McGregor’s passion for creativity dates back to her childhood, being raised by artistic parents and encouraged to paint and draw even before she went to school. 

This talent and enthusiasm for creative and cultural expression continued thought both primary and secondary school for Sharn. Going onto complete an HND in Public Art at Forth Valley College in 2008, Sharn’s techniques have developed and diversified over the years.

Never afraid of experimentation, Sharn likes to work with a wide range of mediums including, oil and acrylic painting, graphite and charcoal sketching, pastel drawing, plasterwork, casting and carvings, pyrography, photography, printing, textiles and still life portraiture. As a student, Sharn produced conceptual, multi-sensory pieces using combinations of light, smoke, scent, audio and sound combined with 2D and 3D pieces.  Being creative with mixed media is a particular enthusiasm of Sharn’s, resourcefulness being very much central to her ecological value system in addition to her technical skill-set.    

An emotionally sensitive and empathetic humanitarian, Sharn’s influences include the detailed anatomical draughtsmanship of Leonardo Da Vinci; the organic art noveau motifs of Margaret McDonald Mackintosh; the emotionally turbulent expressionism of Edvard Munch; the stark use of light and colour by  J. M. W. Turner; the social realism of Tracy Emin; the subtle, clandestine brilliance of Doris Salcedo and the vivacious, tempestuous mark-making style in John Bellany’s painting.

Sharn’s approach to art is holistic, multifaceted and multi-textured. She views her musical, poetic and songwriting interests as an extension of her artistic output and regularly sings and plays guitar at live music venues in and around Central Scotland. 

Expanding on this holistic theme, Sharn commented:

“I love art in all its forms. When I’m not in the studio or dealing with mundanity, I am spending time with my children and friends, playing a guitar or dancing.  Neither one is wholly exclusive.  I am the mother of four unique individuals, all of whom are gifted with musicality and artistic ability and it’s a beautiful thing to share.

“I’ve always felt that I was the quiet child in the corner with a paintbrush in hand, trying to capture my reality. Art has always gotten under my skin and empowered me.  It allows me to communicate thoughts and feelings, and capture the essence of things I cannot verbalise. 

“The reach that art has is astounding – from conveying concepts and prompting thoughts or inspiring hope in someone’s life – and it connects us like nothing else.”

Community-focussed in her outlook and vocational trajectory, Sharn particularly enjoys working with children and teenagers as part of her artistic practice and teaching programme; enthusiastically passing on her knowledge and encouraging a new generation of artist hopefuls to be emboldened in their creativity. Such a cultural legacy is particularly evident in the versatile talents and creative endeavours of Sharn’s four children.

A lifelong supporter of philanthropic projects, and enjoys combining fine art with conceptual messaging on behalf of Charity groups, community-based groups and children. She derives great fulfilment from participating in sponsored activities for charities and has raised money over the years for, among others, MacMillan Cancer Relief, the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, and World Aid, Shelter, Cancer Research and local charities through my consumer choices. I am consumer conscious, environmentally concerned, recycle where possible and use Fair-Trade products.

As well as art classes and tutoring sessions, Sharn is available for commissioned work, her current focus being portraiture, life-drawing, photography, murals and fine art painting. For more information or to book a commission from Sharn, please Email her at the following address:

Exhibiting @ Venue 12- Behind the Wall, Melville Street, Falkirk, FK1 1HZ